I like to think of any art commercial gallery as a temporary home for all the artwork and objects – almost a stopgap on the way to their final homes, which in
Scotland might just be a tenement flat. With this in mind, back in 2010 I
constructed ‘Half Way Home’, a show created from Finch and Fouracre’s Tenement Model Kits which have been customised by a selected group of artists for
The Red Door Gallery, Edinburgh.

Fourace and Franki Finch are Glasgow based model makers who have
created some charming and intricately detailed model kits of Scottish
Tenements. These objects have become very popular with Red Door
customers over the years, which sparked the idea to run a window display
of customised tenements by a group of talented artists. Each tenement
exudes an artists own personal style and creativity, turning it into a
one off piece of art for our customers to buy and take home.

Tenement was lovingly customised and was available to purchase in a pricing
range between £35 and £75.

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