The Dunstane Houses

dh-carousel-imagery-30-1450x780-c-defaultNicky recently finished Curating a collection of art work for recently rennovated Dunstane Houses, Edinburgh.  Interior Designer Hannah Lohan has compleatly rennovated this beautiful boutique hotel and I had the pleasure of sourcing, publishing and framing all artworks on display from Scottish artists!

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The Ba Bar


The Ba Bar in Edinburgh’s Dunstane Houses is a stylish retreet for resadents.  Nicky curated the photo montage next to the bar which features snapshots of the famous Orkney Ba.  The images shown, date as far back as the late 1800’s, which is around the time the building was first in use.

A customer managed to snap this great shot whilst visiting Edinburgh and The Red Door
in April 2010. We thought
it was so sweet that they loved the photo so much, and even sweeter that
they decided to share the story with The Red Door team.  This was a window display created in colaboration with Sunlight on Closed Lids in 2010 for The Red Door Gallery.

The Silver Halide Exhibtion by The Lindstrom Effect for The Broughton Deli.

Curated by Nicky brooks

A wonderful review of The Broughton Deli, the exhibitions went down well 🙂

The Broughton Deli, Barony Street.  Delicious Food and home to a series of Exhibitions from back in the day!  First show was called Self Catering and it involved creating display areas within the deli.  It was a wonderful project to be part of, still so greatful to all the artists and makers who participated and to Ailith and Ewan for giving me the space to host exhibitions.


In amongst The List’s other top treats you will find Zena’s Yes/No decision maker necklace £18, Stuart Gardiner’s Love/Hate oven Mits, Andy Smith’s ‘Lonely Goldfish’ limited edition Screen print, Mengsel’s ‘Hello’ lmited edition screen print and the pun-tastic collection of cards fresh from Full Fat Cards.

Review including The Red Door Gallery products from Valentine’s Day 2012.

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