About Me

Welcome to my wee website, thanks for stopping by. It’s a space for me to keep track of some of the projects I’ve worked on over the years. 

I work as a curator, researcher and project manager largely within contemporary art & design and often look back to art history for inspirationI’m nurturing an interest in tech, so things round here might get a bit more interesting soon… Well, I did say might. 

My face, looking slightly grumpy.

I have around 20 years or there about, experience of working within the Scottish Art scene, (time files!) including precious time studying for a Masters from the University of Edinburgh in Art History, Theory & Display, and an inspirational undergraduate in painting from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen.  My love of historical context, research and passion for supporting emerging and established contemporary artists and designers is apparent in every collaboration.

Curation is a process of decision making which includes selecting, organising, framing and taking care of art work, to ensure it can be enjoyed for years to come.  This process centres around listening, researching and communicating ideas.  What ever the project space be it a hotel, home, gallery or hospitality environment, there is always a story to tell.  Connecting the architecture and interior design of a space with these stories through the right artist, illustrator or designer can lead to a truly unique environment.  This can mean the addition of one small, framed picture, carefully positioned or it may mean an art wall, photo montage or commissioned painting as a centre piece to your restaurant, cafe or living room

I live and work in Edinburgh, usually gazing at the firth of forth.  I share my home with my partner, a playful, grey cat, a grey/white blobby dog,  and an extensive collection of records, books, art, synthesisers and slide viewers.

I’m always on the hunt for new projects and love a wee chat and a cuppa.  Please drop an email to brooks.nicky.r@gmail.com or contact me on Instagram @nickybrookscurator and say hello, for any or no reason at all.